10 Easy Can’t-Miss Tips to Master Your Mind

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  • Don’t let your mind be the master of you.
  • When it comes to beating worry, you need a plan of attack.
  • Implement these 10 tips to master your thoughts.

Everybody worries to some extent. That’s just human nature. However, it’s how we respond when those thoughts enter our mind that determines a lot.

Really, there are two options: You can be controlled by your thoughts, or you can control your thoughts.

Think about all the ways we can get in our own head:

  • Did I make a good first impression?
  • Was starting this business a sound financial decision?
  • Will I ever have enough clients to not live paycheck to paycheck?
  • Why does my life suck?

We could go on and on and on. It’s never-ending because the trials of life are never-ending.

If your mind is master of you, you let the thoughts run over your mind like a raging river.

If you want to master your mind, follow these 10 tips below.

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10 Tips to Master Your Mind

#10 – Set Aside Time for Exercise

You know we’re not bragging, but we’ve got the best workout logging online platform on the planet — no matter if you need to log a workout yourself or set your business up for success so you can stop worrying.

#9 – Set Aside Time for Meditation/Breathing

We recommend checking out one of these meditation/breathing apps.

#8 – Write Your Worries on Paper

Writing things down can be a physical trigger that you’re removing them from your mind. We’re not joking, and science backs this up.

#7 – Spend Less Time on Social Media

If you’re not intentional about how you use social media, you can increase anxiety and worry by inducing FOMO, unhealthy comparison, and other mental stressors.

#6 – Know What Triggers Your Worry

If you know what causes your worry, you can be intentional about attacking it and mastering it.

#5 – Focus Your Energy on Something You Love

Maybe it’s a hobby. Maybe it’s a cause. Maybe it’s improving yourself. But make sure it’s something you can make part of your daily ritual. Successful people have healthy rituals that include activities that recharge their battery.

#4 – Focus on Problem-Solving and Forget Everything Else

If you cannot problem-solve the issue, then the solution is likely out of your control. If it’s out of your control, it does no good to worry about it.

Consider asking yourself questions that start with “How can I…”

#3 – Confront Your Worries

Don’t hesitate to verbally confront your worries. If your worry is a lie, call it a lie. If it’s out of your control, say it is. If it’s something you can solve, say the solution you’ve chosen out loud.

#2 – Keep a Regular Bedtime Routine

Sleep is critical for clear thinking. We recommending having a set routine every night and trying to stick with it as much as possible. Turn off screens 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep, and those breathing exercises might work wonders right before bed.

#1 – Have a Plan

You won’t beat worry without a plan. Don’t be afraid to see a professional for help if you need it. But whatever you do, have a plan of attack. You can’t master your mind without it.

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life.” ― William James

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