20-Minute Power Workout to Maximize Your Time

When Kanye said “no one man should have all that power,” he must not have been talking about YOU!

Power movements can add a lot to your workout program. They build strength, are extremely metabolic, and are a great way to change things up. They’re also a killer option to get an insane burn in a short amount of time. So if you don’t have a lot of gym time, this 20-minute power workout is a great choice.

These four sets will be performed AMRAP, which means “as many rounds as possible.” Try to keep a steady pace during each set with no break for four straight minutes. That will really maximize your time and create a great workout. Take a 1-minute break between sets.

First Set – 4 min

10 Front Squats


10 Box Jumps

Box Jump

(1 min break)

Second Set – 4 min

10 Lunge Pass (10 each leg)

Lunge Pass

10 In Out Power Push-Ups

In-Out Power Push-Up

(1 min break)

Third Set – 4 min

10 Alternating Swing (10 each arm)

Alternating Swing

10 Hop Knee Drive (10 each leg)

Hop Knee Drive

(1 min break)

Fourth Set – 4 min

10 Burpee


10 Double Slam

Double Rope Slam

You’re done! Way to work.

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