4 Effortless Strategies to Help You Win at Business

Get the Basics…

  • Know your client’s problems
  • Don’t rush things by trying to execute too early
  • Mission-focused management helps your business adapt in a highly volatile market

In a recent team meeting, our CEO shared his notes from Steve Blank‘s book, The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win.

Here’s what stood out to us:

  1. Learn how to focus on clients over the product. In the early stages of a startup, focusing solely on “execution” will put you out of business. Instead, you need a “learning and discovery” process so you can get the company to the point where you know what to execute. These questions MUST be answered as you grow:
  2. It takes time! Startups creating new markets will not create a market of substantial size to generate a profit until three to seven years from product launch.
  3. Practice mission-centric management. Mission-centric management offers the flexibility to deal with rapidly changing situations and exploit fleeting windows of clients and market opportunity. Mission-centric management has five unique parts:
    • Mission Intention
    • Employee Initiative
    • Mutual trust and communication
    • “Good enough” decision-making
    • Mission synchronization
  4. Develop “good enough” decision making to keep your company agile. Gen. George Patton said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.”

Have you found yourself sometimes giving in to the temptation to be focused on your product rather than on your clients?

Click here to pick up the book!

Client Workout Calendar Update

With our client workout calendar update, we have removed the steps required to assign workout plans to clients and start/stop their workout plans.

You can now add workouts directly to your client’s workout calendar, and the workouts will quickly display in the app. To make schedule adjustments, just drag & drop workouts on the calendar as needed!

You can still create workout plans the old way if you’d like, then you can just import the entire plan onto your client’s workout calendar.

These articles will help you get the basics of how workout calendars will work:

Train Anyone, Anywhere in the World.

Additional New for Business Features

  • You can now view a list of all accounts on your white label website
  • You can now remove assigned assessments
  • You can now set up default measurements on the measurement charts view
  • You can now set up workout plans to start automatically after another plan ends
  • You can now edit or delete measurement logs
  • You can now customize your signup form for free signups

UX Improvements

  • Updated handling of workout plan images
  • Updated sending of resource emails
  • Updated handling of favorite workouts
  • Optimized formatting of assessments
  • Made it easier to re-order exercise steps
  • Optimized error messages on assessments
  • Updated handling of email template edits
  • Updated “Create Exercise” form
  • Updated handling of assessments used for lead generation
  • Optimized creating new blocks
  • Updated email recipients for client/sub trainer alerts
  • Optimized search on the business dashboard
  • Updated handling of nicknames on account creation
  • Updated action items for client management
  • Optimized handling of copied workout days in workout plan creator
  • Optimized loading of dashboard views
  • Optimized drag and drop in workout plan creator
  • Updated Intercom integration
  • Optimized handling of tags
  • Optimized handling of free signups and email marketing integrations
  • Optimized handling of customized dashboard views
  • Updated handling of sub-trainer management
  • Updated Fitbit integration
  • Updated handling of deleted favorite workouts
  • Optimized Zapier integration
  • Optimized connections in My Connected Apps
  • Updated handling of profile images
  • Updated handling of workout dates
  • Updated “Start Plan” menu

Coming Soon

  • Optimized Exercise Database

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