Success Stories: When Weddings Inspire!

Weddings are supposed to be joyous times. But for many, the extra attention, special dress, and photo taking can be a definite stress. For these four Anytime Fitness members, a painful wedding moment was actually the impetus for weight loss and getting to a healthier place. They each shared their #MyAnytimeStory with us, completing the sentence “I knew it was time when…”. And they’ve made inspiring strides!

Rachel R. from Appleton East, WI

I knew it was time when… “I was asked to pay more for extra material when I ordered a bridesmaid dress.”

“In the past 2 years, I have lost 53 lbs, 21 inches all over, and 6 dress sizes. Jacole taught me about different movements to help tone and build muscle so that I can get the most out of my workouts. I have also found a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that includes better nutrition and a steady workout routine!! I like to tell people that my outside appearance now matches my inside perception. With patience, persistence, and perseverance, anything is possible!!!” [Pictured above: Rachel paddle boarding.]

Read Rachel’s full story.

Dawn E. from Phenix City, AL

I knew it was time when… “I saw the photos from my son’s wedding.”

Dawn E weight loss story

“I was feeling sluggish, working in an office environment. I wasn’t getting the stress release needed… Since March 2015 I have lost 15 pounds, but the increase in energy has been awesome. Now at 50 I feel much younger, my clothes fit great and I am happy to have achieved another goal!”

Read Dawn’s full story.

Tara B. from Monticello, MN

I knew it was time when… “My wedding dress did not fit 4 months before my wedding.”

Tara B weight loss story

“I am now down ten pounds and feel better than I ever have! I fit in my dress and am happier when I look in the mirror. I used to be afraid of the gym equipment other than cardio machines. Now I am hardly ever caught doing cardio. I love lifting weights!”

Read Tara’s full story.

Betty F. from Fernley, NV

I knew it was time when… “I went to my son’s wedding and I looked so horribly fat, and it was so embarrassing.”

Betty F weight loss story

“I kept a goal for myself that if I lost a good amount of weight I would go to Hawaii with my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary. We went to Hawaii on July 9th 2015. I wore a bathing suit everyday and loved my cloths. I liked having my picture taken for the first time in my life. I know I will be around for my children and grandchildren and that’s a great feeling!”

Read Betty’s full story.

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