ClubReady Comprehensive Review

Features ClubReady
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Knowledge Base
Schedule Appointments & Classes
Automate Payments Securely & Easily
Online & In Person Booking
Automated Email, Text, App Reminders
Business Dashboard & Reports
Staff Roles, Permissions, and Schedules
Endless Marketing Integrations
Manage Unlimited Client Base
Manage Software from Anywhere
Easy to Use Workout Routine & Plan Creator
Deliver Workouts for Any Scenario
Customize Your Own Exercise Library
Client & Trainer Workout Logging App
Workout Progress Made Easy
Automated Workout Engagement
Sell Memberships/Training Packages
Sell Single Workout Plans
Deliver Individual Training
Run Workout Challenges
Sell Recurring Workout Memberships
Turn Leads Into Clients
Engage Clients via Assessments
Track Measurement Data (injuries, etc.)
Deliver Personalized Workouts


In the health and fitness business arena, the goal is to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. While many software’s in the wellness industry try to fit a certain niche and be really great at certain tasks such as scheduling, membership packages or marketing, ClubReady aims to satisfy as many aspects of business management as possible.

If one were shoe shopping or trying out various gyms, you’d have to either know exactly what you wanted or try a few out to see how something fits with your unique personality and fitness goals.

In this review, our primary concern is making sure you understand ClubReady enough that you feel as if you HAVE tried on the shoe, or stepped into the gym space for a workout. In covering topics such as company history, features offered, the types of users that have experienced success with ClubReady, the top similar fitness market software competitors, ten of the top most frequently asked questions about the software, and the bottom line on ClubReady, we aim to take you through a “trial workout” and make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for with ClubReady.

This comprehensive ClubReady software review is aimed to make your decision making painless and easy, so let’s get right into it.

ClubReady Company Overview

“There has to be a better way…”

-ClubReady Founding Mantra

Founded in 2009 and incorporated as a full-fledged club management software application in 2014, ClubReady has aimed to find a better way since its inception.

ClubReady is a business branded, web-based, fitness, health and wellness club management platform. Aiming to meet the needs of health club owners in the areas of lead management, automation, customer retention, and others, ClubReady is a mid-sized company of fewer than 200 employees that “officially” covers the following fields:

  • Member Management
  • Billing
  • HealthClub Management
  • Personal Training Management
  • Prospect Management
  • Nutrition and Wellness

It does have a cloud-based feature that allows the owner to access the club database from anywhere through Brivo, and you can take a look at their Brivo ClubReady video spotlight here:

ClubReady is a privately held company out of Chesterfield, Missouri, and with co-founder and CEO Andrew McMaster at the helm has seen growth and investments from Ben Levin, Founder of the equity group Level Equity.

“The company is well positioned for aggressive growth in the coming years.”

Ben Levin, Founder of Level Equity Group

The Series A investment into the company will further fuel its rapid growth, which was mainly by word of mouth and saw ClubReady become the fitness club software of Mayweather Boxing Gym, UFC GYM, 9Round Gym, and Club Pilates along with many others.

“The investment will enable us to meet the market needs and exponentially grow the reach of ClubReady while increasing product development, sales and support resources in the company.” 

Andrew McMaster, co-Founder and CEO of ClubReady.

Not just a startup online web and cloud-based platform anymore, ClubReady is definitely ready to service just about any fitness club and help them reach their revenue goals.  We will touch on a revenue case study later, but for now let’s take a look at their features, standard and additional.

Features Overview

Of course, every club and fitness management software application has its own special list of features and partnerships, so take a look at the basic features offered with ClubReady at the baseline:

ClubReady Basic Features

Health and fitness club management software must-haves are all checked with ClubReady. From tracking attendance, which allows business owners to reach out to clients that are falling off to inventory and marketing management, ClubReady’s basic feature offering is the standard baseline for management applications.

With that in mind, let’s check out the other offered and customized features with ClubReady health club management software.

Custom Branded Web and Smartphone Apps

ClubReady’s software comes with the ability to brand it to your business. In most ways, ClubReady does the work for your business by taking the guesswork out of various strategies, like lead management, gym tours via tablet, and online scheduling.

With their one-of-a-kind GymHQ business suite, ClubReady offers assistance as an all-in-one solution for your business needs. From member support to accounting, payroll, past due services, operating systems guidance support, and best practices in HR, ClubReady offers business solutions designed strictly for your business.

In terms of strict customization exactly how business owners want it, the platform remains the same regardless. ClubReady customizes with logos and features specific to each businesses’ wants and needs.

This is significant because whereas most programs specialize the applications heavily the way club owners envision, ClubReady is basically a software that allows the user to play dress up.  The system remains the same underneath even though the outer outfit may be a little different than the next businesses covering.

Workout Creation and Delivery

ClubReady doesn’t allow for workout templates to be created and sent to clients via their software application, however, ClubReady does partner with FitMetrix, which allows customization to each businesses ClubReady software.

Fitmetrix Workout Tracker Image

This partnership with Fitmetrix and ClubReady allows club members to track their workouts, progress AND nutrition, enabling club owners and trainers to assist clients with goals on a higher level, which THEN leads to better membership retention.

E-Commerce and Point of Sale

With ClubReady you can expect an extremely user-friendly point of sale system that allows for membership packages and contracts to be sold and signed.

Most ClubReady reviews mentioned an easy to use POS system that wasn’t difficult to learn.

“The POS system was easy to use and process payments. Searching for client information was easily accessible through several different options of searching.”

Capterra Review

When one business administrator was asked what they liked most about the system, the answer was quick and succinct:

Easy to use POS…”

G2 Review

When asked about problems, solutions, and added benefits, another G2 review had this to say:

We are using it as POS, scheduling system, email marketing], task management and prospect communication. It is great to have all of this in one program and streamlines our business needs.”

G2 Review

POS is actually an important component of business software, especially fitness and health businesses. After a trial workout or personal training session, the last thing a customer wants to do is sit around waiting for their information to be taken entered into the system for a sale.

Another reason why an easy-to-use POS system is always highly sought after is that a lot of high traffic and even moderately staffed clubs have problems keeping employees “real-time” trained on gym software.

Typically, most gym employees have little to no sales experience and even worse, never have to use the POS software regularly enough to learn to do it speedily for a tired and sweaty potential membership sale. Having an easily understood system helps employees to have some confidence when making a sale or assisting customers with various tasks.

Performance Assessments

ClubReady’s Performance Tracking systems allow club owners to track the following:

  • The Heart Rate Display: Compatible with ANT+ based heart rate straps and an unlimited number of various other data services like heart rate, calories burned, percent max heart rate, and others.
  • The Indoor Cycling Display:  In RPM and Power mode the system shows user cycling data in real time and can also be configured for Team Mode and Personal Threshold Power Mode.
  • Bike Reservation System: Tracks individualized data of members so that their fitness history can be checked

Performance tracking is important because clients can actually SEE how hard they are working, especially in comparison to everyone else. Just know that one’s information is on a screen for everyone to see typically causes a harder work ethic during classes or personal training sessions.

Take a look at the following visual displays from 9Round and Crunch Fitness, courtesy of ClubReady’s Performance IQ page:

9Round Performance IQ Display with ClubReady:

9Round ClubReady Performance IQ Display

Crunch Fitness Performance IQ Display:

Crunch Fitness ClubReady Performance Display

Workout/Class Management

Clients are able to log into member portals to sign up for and into classes. Whereas individual specific workout plans are not available for clients, the client portal does allow for some other features to be handled.

Shows Exercise Template

ClubReady does promote overall wellness heavily with their club management software, with added functions such as a fully customizable exercise library.  This function acts similarly to the feature, which allows the user to input each individual exercise, add photos, videos, and descriptions for clients to use.

As trainers, it can be difficult to write up a workout plan with exercises that are necessary for client use without having to demonstrate each exercise. This function makes life easier for trainers and club managers whose goal is helping clients reach theirs.

Client Management

Additional client management features are:

  • Application Management
  • Committee Management
  • Dues Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Member Directory
  • Member Portal
  • Member Types
  • Membership Database
  • Membership Renewals
  • Payment Processing
  • Website Management

As ClubReady is mainly known for being one of the top all-in-one club management software platforms, it’s essential that these features be offered as a part of the base structure for helping manage client’s health and wellness, along with the business aspect of your club.

With, you will have access to an unlimited membership database, all of the above functions and an easy to use dashboard that switches you between functions easily. ClubReady is simple to use, however, its wide platform seems to “feel” a bit clunky when it comes to needing access to concise movements when selling membership plans/options or checking in on clients.

“Club Ready had a lot of updates, which can be a good thing, but issues with CC payment processing before an update was a bit of a pain when you have customers waiting.”

Capterra Review

Again, ClubReady absolutely IS one of the top all-in-one management systems, but the running theme with users is the “clunkiness” of the software:

“Custom membership options are difficult to piece together, and manual overrides for automated functions aren’t always easy to implement.” – Capterra Review

“System crashes quite often, not that user friendly, not that great for auto renewals.” – G2 Review


“Our clients find that with other solutions, they can’t configure automation to suit their specific needs,” said Andrew McMaster, co-founder and CEO of ClubReady. “They’re stuck waiting for custom development or new product updates and can’t put their club management on auto-pilot. With ClubReady, clubs can build the exact workflow they need, when they need it.”

Some ways ClubReady clients have used automation include:

  • Creating automated email nurturing for new leads to encourage additional signups
  • Sending follow-up text messages after initial personal training sessions
  • Mapping out consistent sales processes across multiple locations, including emails, phone calls, and text message follow-ups
  • Adding existing members to a refer-a-friend campaign based on positive survey feedback
  • Sending a rejoin offer to former members six months after cancellation

With ClubReady’s flexible automation rules, users are completely in control of their club processes and can take measurable actions based on segmented data, which fuels new customer acquisition and member retention.

Who Uses ClubReady?

Businesses Using ClubReady

ClubReady just finished a major deal with Floyd Mayweather to be the club management fitness software for his Mayweather + Fitness facilities.  This is what Don Michael, President of the franchise entity, had to say:

ClubReady offers the best total package in studio management software. From managing our leads to knowing our members are successfully billing, we trust ClubReady to help our franchisees build a better business. They do so much more than their competitors.

Don Michael, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness President

With over 500 facilities in the works to be opened and running by the year 2023, ClubReady certainly scored its first big victory working with the champ.

User Perspective

CycleBarn’s use of ClubReady’s Performance IQ system helped Bob, the cyclist in the above video, drop weight and keep it off, with its automated system which sends clients their data from past, current, and future sessions, helping them stay motivated and inspired to do better every time they visit the club.

Mark Polli, a 40-year fitness club industry vet who is currently running a Crunch Fitness gym AND UFC GYM right next to each other, had this to say about using GYM HQ from ClubReady software:

“Choosing GYM HQ was one of the easiest and best decisions we made. There was no way I could drive new business, work with our existing members and be present in the club if I was doing back office work. From Payroll to Accounting, Accounts Payable and HR they are a terrific group of people who are always available and quick to respond.”


At this time, ClubReady has not made public its pricing for software. This includes base models and any customization upgrades that they may have available.

ClubReady does offer a live demo risk-free for 30 days to allow you time to figure out of ClubReady is actually the best choice for your business.


Leadspeak, a web-based Customer management program, is an available option from ClubReady that makes sure that there are no leads lost for your club. With 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, you are able to keep in contact with potential leads and convert them into clients and members with targeted emails.

Below is a features table showing the functions of Leadspeak.

LeadSpeak Benefits Never lose a single membership lead ever. #noleadlost
Maximize the number of leads that become members with automated follow-up, nurturing and scheduling.
Customizable dashboards to keep task management and lead communications on the top of your staff’s mind
Build a branded sales presentation that stays consistent for staff across all platforms.
Give trainers hard numbers and metrics to measure customer success so they can find the services best tailored to their interests.
Automated communication and action entices consistent PT and membership renewals.
Keep in contact with former members to turn them into prospects in the future.

With’s ability to integrate an almost unlimited amount of add-on features like Leadspeak and other marketing applications, you won’t miss a beat with a marketing and support team built to help you succeed.

Top Direct Competitors

Software Competitor ZenPlanner MINDBODY GymRealm MotionSoft ClubWorx Wodify Vagaro GloFox
Trial Period? 15-Day Free Trial Free Trial Unavailable Book Demo for 1 Mth Free Free Demo 15-day free trial Available, details unknown 30-day free trial 7-day trial
Best Version/Price ZenPlanner Suite/Up to $948/mth Ultimate/Up to $349/mth Up to $199/mth MoSoClub/ Up to $99-199/mth Established/ based on #active members, $149/mth Promote/ $299/Mth +add-ons per user, four users is $55/mth Platinum/$900 a quater
Value Generate 20% More Revenue per year Make Marketing as Easy as Possible Connecting to Customers Make Staff More Efficient Member Portal/Customer Support Workout Tracking Scheduling Customized Mobile Usage/Increasing Gym Attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does ClubReady help gym owners grow their membership base?

From lead generation tools to automated follow-ups, ClubReady helps facilitate growth with its lead acquisition technologies.

  • What makes ClubReady different from other fitness management software?

With employee metrics and accountability statistics it’s easier to keep up with which employees are helping your business, which employees are neutral, and the rest, well that’s up to the owner to decide.  ClubReady makes sure you have the information necessary to run your business the way you see fit.

  • What are ClubReady’s most popular integrations?

Twitter, ClassPass, GleanTap, Brivo, and Google Apps for work are some of the top integrations for the ClubReady software. ClassPass itself enables the business to gain revenue from non-members when they buy ClassPass points and come to the owner’s facility.

  • How do ClubReady and Perkville work together?

Perkville will offer points based on members gym interaction. Total dollars spent, personal training purchased, gym check-ins, and class participation all count towards points earned.

A seamless app experience for members, along with class purchasing and booking, client registration, special offers, and even offering fitness data and performance progress are all ways that the branded mobile app helps ClubReady secure members for fitness businesses.

  • Do I have to do back-office services with GYM HQ?

GYM HQ literally does the back-office work for you. With the addition of GYM HQ to your ClubReady platform, you won’t even have to perform the simplest of administrative tasks: employee payroll.

  • How much are GYM HQ’s services per month?

GYM HQ will cost a user up to $200/month for all services provided al a carte style.

  • What are some of ClubReady’s top franchises?

9Round, Floyd Mayweather Boxing Clubs, RowMachine, and Pure Barre have all signed on with ClubReady’s all-in-one club management software. Make sure to compare ClubReady to features to make sure you are getting the best price for the value of the features!

  • Why is automation important?

According to a study done in 2018, 49% of companies are already using automation. Technology is making everything easier, so it’s necessary to make marketing automated, as businesses are running faster and more efficiently.

  • How does compete with ClubReady?

Also an all-in-one feature software, provides seamless customization, app integration, free demo, and PLENTY of support, customization and marketing help for every fitness business and club owner.

The Bottom Line

ClubReady is a highly rated all-in-one health and fitness club management software that allows the user to keep up with multiple data reports, allowing the business owner to customize their decision making for better customer interactions and profitability.

One of the biggest names in the franchise gym industry, ClubReady does offer some serious integration to help propel success in membership retention and lead generation.

While a lot of customers consider the app to be clunky with its crash and update issues, there are also those who feel it is an easily-adjusted-to software management app for each club in each of their own individual ways.

It’s mandatory that staff be able to keep up with sales quotas, and if there aren’t sales quotas they should always be able to serve and help the potential customers more easily.

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