Daily Harvest Review: Our Dietitians’ Thoughts

You’ve seen the colorful and fresh Daily Harvest foods in our social media feed and you might be wondering, “What exactly is Daily Harvest?” and “Is Daily Harvest worth it?” In this honest Daily Harvest review, we’ll share with you what Daily Harvest is, the freezer-to-table plant-based foods that Daily Harvest offers, how the plans work, box sizes, and average costs. We will also share how we use Daily Harvest in our own homes, and what we think of the Daily Harvest collections (taste and nutritionally speaking), as registered dietitians.

This post was created in partnership with Daily Harvest. Although we received compensation for this post, all opinions are ours and based on our personal experiences with this service. 

What is Daily harvest?

Daily Harvest is a convenient meal delivery brand that offers freezer-to-table food that makes it really easy to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. As registered dietitians, we know the value and importance of including more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables at every meal. Daily Harvest makes this health goal easier by offering food delivered to your door and ready in minutes that can help you have healthy and delicious options at breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snack time.

Overhead view of a variety of Daily Harvest frozen items in a freezer pull-out drawer.

The foods that daily harvest offers

Our entire team at The Real Food Dietitians has found that having Daily Harvest foods stocked in our freezer has not only given us quick options in a pinch (hello, we are all busy, working Moms over here). It has also provided peace of mind that we’ll always have something healthy to reach for when lunchtime sneaks up on us or we need to get everyone fed and out the door in the morning.

If you only know Daily Harvest for their smoothies (the amazing collection that launched this brand), it has grown to include so many more plant-based, fruit- and veggie-loaded options for every time of the day. Daily Harvest offers a wide variety of foods, including:

  • Smoothies – hand-crafted smoothies with delicious combinations of unique whole-food ingredients; simply add your liquid of choice, blend, and start sipping; we love how we can make one of these in less than 1 minute for healthy snacks or part of a grab-and-go breakfast
  • Harvest Bowls – nourishing and 100% plant-based bowls with vegetables, healthy sauces, and a base of wild rice, beans, root vegetables, cauliflower and more; we find these are a great portion for single lunches
  • Flatbreads – the Daily Harvest flatbreads (along with all of their collections) are all gluten free and dairy free; made with broccoli, cauliflower, or sweet potato crusts and extra-virgin olive oil, as well as key spices, each flatbread is topped with a nutritious combination of a veggie-based sauce (such as pesto, pureed squash, or tomato sauce) and toppers; each flatbread is approximately 4×9 inches and makes a perfect lunch or dinner for one, or side dish for two or three eaters. They’re so easy to make, just pop in the oven for 20 minutes!
  • Soups – from miso and chili to curry, minestrone, and more, we find the soups in the Daily Harvest collection to be nourishing with slow-cooked depth of flavor; to make one just add 1 cup of water or unsalted broth and heat in the microwave or on the stovetop
  • Forager Bowls – the forager bowls are what you should pick for a hearty serving of superfoods with lasting power; they come in both sweet and savory flavors and have grain-free bases, such as rolled oats, chia, or grits
  • Oat Bowls – we love our oats here at The RFDs, so this is one of our favorite collections; the oat bowls are a quick comfort breakfast that can power you through the morning; they can be served cold (like overnight oats right out of the fridge) or warm (prepared in 3 minutes in the microwave)
  • Chia Bowls – with enough calories and fiber to be a sustaining breakfast or split into two servings for a healthy snack, the chia bowls don’t require any equipment; just add 1/2 cup dairy or non-dairy milk or water to the frozen contents, then stick in the fridge overnight (or at least 6 hours) to soak; in the morning, just grab and go
  • Scoops – think ice cream, but better! These non-dairy frozen desserts are creamy and made from 100% whole-food ingredients without the addition of gums, sugars, or refined fillers; some have a base of organic coconut, while others are based on cashew or pistachio milk
  • Bites – these nutrient-dense energy bites can be enjoyed right out of the fridge. Each one is an approximate 100-calorie snack full of only healthy, real-food, plant-based ingredients; we love to eat them cold and the experience is reminiscent of eating chilled fudge or cookie dough
  • Lattes – each pack comes with two latte pods that can be made into an iced or hot latte; just add 1 cup of dairy or non-dairy milk or water and heat on the stovetop or in a microwave
  • Mylk – a new addition to the DH lineup, one package of the almond milk wedges makes 1/2 gallon of plant-based, dairy-free almond milk without any fillers or added sweeteners; made with just almonds, pink sea salt, and sometimes vanilla. Simply blend the wedges with water to make a glass of Mylk, or add 2 wedges and water directly to your Daily Harvest smoothie when blending

Stacie’s Daily Harvest Favorites

As a mom of two little ones and a meal-prep pro, Stacie has found that having healthy options in her freezer makes life so much easier! Here are her favorite Daily Harvest picks:

See the Full Collection

daily harvest prioritizes real and organic Ingredients

Daily Harvest works directly with its farmers to grow the best produce harvested at peak ripeness and frozen right at the source to lock in flavor and nutrients. Here are some examples of how that makes a difference:

  • Cauliflower – since it is frozen the day it is harvested, it locks in 50% more antioxidants than cauliflower does at three days post harvest
  • Blueberries – those frozen the day of harvest have 200% more vitamin C than blueberries do at three days after harvest
  • Strawberries – picked and frozen the same day of harvest, the DH strawberries contain 35% more beta carotene than those eaten or frozen only three days after harvest
  • Figs – DH works with a 3rd generation farmer to create a one-of-a-kind fig with a richer flavor and more nutrients
Overhead view of three overnight oat bowls from Daily Harvest.

How to make a daily harvest smoothie

Have a blender? Then you have everything you need to enjoy a Daily Harvest smoothie made from fresh real foods. The ingredients in Daily Harvest smoothies are meticulously sourced and never include gums, preservatives, or anything artificial. The Mint + Cacao Smoothie (a team favorite, shown here) is made from banana, spinach, cacao, cashew, chlorella, and peppermint. These ingredients combine for an incredibly delicious smoothie packed with vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants, plus no added sugars.

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